The Buttercross Belles - a brief Pictorial History


May 92.

May 92.

December 92.

The Morris Minors - daughters of The Belles.

The Morris Minis - younger children of The Belles.

The Buttercross Belles outside The Woolpack Inn, Otley, Boxing Day.


September 93.

The Butterctoss Belles appeared at Otleys first Folk Festival in 1993 - indeed a number of the Belles were instrumental in organising and running the Festival.

May 94.

The Betty and the Green Man first appeared in 1994. Whilst the Green Man met an early demise the Betty can still be seen.


October 95.

The Belles commissioned a postcard in 1995. The photograph was taken outside Harewood House.

The Belles cardigans were first worn in November 1995.

November 95.


April 96.

The 1996 Day of Dance started at the White House on Otley Chevin.

May 97.

Some Belles testing cakes during Fylde Coast Cloggers weekend of dance.

The Belles celebrated their 5th birthday with a Weekend of Dance and a cake.

May 97.


July 98.

During the summer of 1998 the Belles travelled to Coutances in Normandy to dance there and in the surrounding towns. The trip was organised by Louise Wilson who soon after took over leadership of the Belles as their Squire.


May 99..

The Belles have organised, taught and run a display of childrens maypole dancing ever year since they began.

A simple initiation ceremony has to be undertaken by all Belles on the occasion of their first public appearance.

Dec 99.


July 00.

The Belles took part in the Pageant - Farming through the ages - held in the Main Arena at the Great Yorkshire Show.

In July they visited Normandy, dancing with Chantous de la Cote.

July 00.


May 01.

Dancing at dawn on Otley Chevin, Mayday 2001.

Dancing in Wharfmeadows, Otley.

June 01.


May 02.

The Belles celebrated their 10th birthday with a Day of Dance and a cake.

Dancing at The Woolpack Inn during the Day of Dance.

May 02.

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